Adopted August 9, 2010; Revised November 13, 2018; updated 12/9/2019; revised and updated 12/7/2021.

By the Board of Trustees of the Hepburn Library of Madrid

The Hepburn Library of Madrid was chartered by the New York State Education Department in 1917.  The name of this board is the Board of Trustees of the Hepburn Library of Madrid. Charter #2776.


The Board is comprised of five to fifteen members who reside within the Library’s chartered to serve area.  Each Trustee is nominated by the Hepburn Library of Madrid Board of Trustees after attending three meetings and then submitted for approval to the Town Supervisor.  The term of a Trustee is three years. As of January 1, 2022, there are currently seven positions on the Board, with two vacancies. Terms begin on the first day of January, and terminate on December 31, upon completion of three years.


Regular meetings shall be held monthly, at dates and times to be established by the Board at the final meeting of each Library’s fiscal year for the subsequent year. The date and time may be changed by the President in order to ensure a quorum or to meet special situations. Public notice is given of every meeting of the Board. The Annual Meeting shall be the first regular meeting of each year. The business transacted at this meeting shall include the election of officers and new Trustees. The operating and financial reports for the previous year shall be presented.

Special Meetings: 

Special meetings of the Board may be called by the President of the Board or upon written request by two or more members of the Board. Notice of the time and place of a special meeting shall be telephoned/e-mailed to each Member at his or her usual place of business or residence at least forty-eight hours prior to the time of the meeting. All Trustees must sign a Waiver of Notice in regards to the special meetings. No business may be transacted at such special meetings except the stated purpose.

Open Meetings:

All meetings of the Board, except executive sessions, are subject to the New York State Open Meeting Law and are open to the public.


Education law 226(1) states that a “majority of the whole number [of trustees, regardless of vacancies] shall be a quorum

  1. Each Trustee shall have one vote, irrespective of office held.
  2. A Trustee must be present at a meeting to have his or her vote count.

Rules of Order: 

The latest revision of Robert’s Rules of Order governs the conduct of all Board meetings.

Order of Business: 

The order of business shall be determined by the President of the Board.

Attendance at Meetings:  

Any Board member who fails to attend three consecutive meetings without excuse shall be deemed to have resigned.   [NY State Education Law 226.4.]


Officers of The Board are: 

President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Election of Officers:  

A nominating committee shall be appointed by the President two months prior to the end of the library year. The Officers shall be chosen annually at the regular December meeting by a majority vote of the Board. Vacancies among the officers shall be filled at an election at a regular meeting, and a majority vote of the Board shall be necessary to an election. Additionally, a notice of officers and new or renewed terms of library board members shall be shared with the Town Supervisor at the beginning of any new year in order that an update is known to Town officials and can be logged into the Town Board minutes.

Duties of President:  

The President presides at all Board meetings and appoints committees of the Board.

Duties of Vice-President

The Vice-President presides over meetings in the absence of the President and shall become President should a vacancy occur in that office between elections.

Duties of Secretary: 

The Secretary signs all documents requiring the Secretary’s signature. Board minutes are recorded by the Secretary and are approved monthly by the Board.

Duties of Treasurer:  

The Treasurer monitors the budget, financial records, reports, audits, and investments.

Outgoing Trustees, regardless of manner (such as expiration of term, resignation, or involuntary removal) shall return all items necessary for the execution of their Board position and the operation of the Hepburn Library of Madrid, the Town of Madrid. Such items include, but are not limited to, keys (external doors, internal doors, cabinets, etc.), original documents pertaining to the Hepburn Library of Madrid (mail, bank statements, correspondence, etc.), credit or gift cards, library records or files, and equipment on loan.


Committees are appointed as needed by the President. Committees include, but are not limited to: Budget, Public Relations, Technology, Policy, Financial, Buildings and Grounds, Grants, and Personnel committees. Ad hoc committees may be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board.  Non-Board members may be appointed to such committees to bring special capabilities for the resolution of problems confronting the specific committee.


The Board has all financial powers and responsibilities as provided by statute 259, establishes funds for the safekeeping of the Library’s finances, and invests the Library’s funds in accordance with New York State law and regulations.


The Board shall select, appoint, and evaluate a qualified library director who shall be the executive and administrative officer of the library.  The Director shall be responsible for the performance duties as spelled out in the job description provided by the Board.  It shall be the duty of the Director to attend all meetings of the Board, including budget meeting or public meetings where action may be taken affecting the interests of the library. The Director shall have the right to speak on all matters under discussion at Board meetings, but shall not have the right to vote thereon. thereon.


These by-laws may be amended, repealed, or added to by a majority vote of the whole Board at any regular meeting, or special meeting called for that purpose, providing that notice of the amendment was given at the preceding regular meeting of the Board. Any rule or resolution of the Board, whether contained in these By-Laws or otherwise, may be suspended temporarily in conjunction with business at hand. In order for the suspensions to be valid, action to suspend may only be taken at a meeting at which at least three of the members of the Board are present and three of those present, approve.