Welcome to late winter in the North Country! Days getting longer, highs into the ’40’s, snow(banks) melting… and then, we are back to the deep freeze with winter storm warnings menacing a possible weekend get-away.

But we wouldn’t have it any other way, would we, really? The change of seasons is something to be savored, and if we didn’t have the dark, biting cold of winter, I doubt we could fully enjoy the first (real) day of spring.

For book lovers, every season is a good time to read. Whether you’re curled up by a fire with a snow storm raging; under a tree in the merry month of May; rocking lazily on a porch while summer rains beat down, or watching the dervish dance of leaves while enjoying a pumpkin latte, everything is better with a book.

We are encouraged COVID-19 is showing some signs of weakening… we eagerly look forward to the day when we can all gather together, sans masks, and enjoy library events together again. For now, the mask mandate has been lifted, and while we will continue to wear our masks and disinfect the library every day, you now have the freedom of choice to mask or not. Things are looking up!

We’re busy at your library. Our Annual Report to New York State is almost due, we’re sprucing up our shelves and making room for more new best sellers, and planning our summer program. Did you know HLM will also be hosting Battle of the Books this year? Stay tuned for more information on this beloved program.

So drop by for a visit, the new James Patterson, or just to browse. We are always glad to see you. And that’s no spring tease.

Deborah Chase-Lauther