Reviewed and revised by the Hepburn Library of Madrid Board of Trustees, March, 2021. Reviewed February 2024.

Volunteering at Hepburn Library of Madrid can be a rewarding and exciting experience. A volunteer’s time, energy, and goodwill are invaluable assets to the Library because volunteerism enhances the Library’s ability to fulfill its mission by providing opportunities for direct public participation in library services. Volunteerism also strengthens and deepens the Library’s relationships throughout the community. Volunteer opportunities offer citizens a way to contribute to the community, fulfill personal goals, achieve a sense of satisfaction, and learn more about the Library.

    Guidelines for Volunteers:

  1. The library depends on its volunteers for a wide variety of tasks which otherwise need to be assigned to library staff. We therefore ask volunteers to be reliable in their commitment to the library and to notify the library in advance if they are unable to work their regularly scheduled time slot. In turn, volunteers will be notified immediately on any given day when the library opens late or closes early for any reason.
  2. Individuals are asked to wear a volunteer badge that identifies them as a volunteer while they are working at the library. Volunteers (except those trained by the library director) are expected to refer all requests for information to the library staff on duty, other than purely directional questions (e.g. where is the bathroom, where is the children’s room etc.)
  3. Volunteers will be required to attend training sessions if needed, as needed.
  4. Volunteers will make note of time donated on a monthly timesheet.
  5. Should a volunteer have a grievance with a staff member, another volunteer or library patron, every attempt will be made to handle the situation through the library director.
  6. Volunteers may be used to increase the library’s services.
  7. Volunteers may not be used to establish and maintain new library services.
  8. Volunteers will not be used to replace or reduce the number of paid staff.  
  9. Volunteers should expect to fulfill a commitment agreed upon with the library.
  10. Volunteers are recognized as contributors to the goals and services of the library.
  11. Volunteers are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of ALL library information.  Failure to maintain confidentiality will result in immediate termination of the volunteer.
  12. The Library will, upon request, provide letters of reference for the volunteer, if deemed appropriate (see below).
  13. Procedures and requirements for the volunteer will vary with the ability of the volunteer.
  14. All personal information about the volunteer is for internal use only.
  15. Written permission will be needed for any volunteer under the age of 18.
  16. Discriminatory comments or actions including, but not limited to, race, sexual orientation, sexual identification, religion, or an individual’s status will not be tolerated.  
  17. Volunteers are prohibited from being under the influence of, using, possessing, selling or otherwise being involved with illegal substances and alcohol.
  18. Volunteers must adhere to the library’s dress/hygiene code, rules of conduct, drug & alcohol, and sexual harassment policies.
  19. Neither the Town nor the library provides any medical, health, accident or worker’s compensation benefits for any volunteer.

    To encourage volunteerism and to ensure a positive experience at the Library, the Library will:

  • Provide a staff person designated to administer the volunteer program.
  • Ensure that all volunteers serve in positions that reflect their skills and interests while meeting the needs of the library.
  • Where necessary, provide orientation and training to prepare the volunteers to perform their duties.
  • Provide volunteer supervision in accordance with best supervisory practices and library policies.
  • Maintain accurate volunteer demographic data, including hours worked.
  • Exhibit the library’s appreciation for work performed through a regular recognition program.

Individuals interested in volunteering at the Library must fill out an application and a waiver form. Candidates will be accepted based on the library’s project and programmatic needs matched with the candidates’ qualifications to meet those requirements as determined during the selection process. The library may not accept every volunteer application. Those students who require a short volunteer opportunity to fulfill a service or class assignment should contact the library as soon as possible. The library will make every effort to accommodate such requests but cannot guarantee that every request will be granted. Generally, the library is unable to accommodate court-ordered community service. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Director.


The library will provide references for volunteers. The following information will be released in response to a reference request:

  • The beginning and ending date of service
  • The various assignments performed as a volunteer
  • The number of hours of service given

Upon consent of the volunteer, character references may be provided by individual library staff members concerning the volunteer work done in the library. However, these references are individual opinions, and are not a specific endorsement on behalf of the library.

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