11 Church Street, Madrid, NY 13660

Compiled December 10, 2020, Approved by Board of Trustees December 10, 2020.

Vision Statement

Hepburn Library of Madrid will serve as a relevant community resource, in dissemination of knowledge through printed and technological resources, as well as empowerment of our community through accessibility of information. 

Mission Statement

Hepburn Library of Madrid’s mission is to empower its community through a multidimensional platform of resources and outreaches to further literacy, self-development, and self-sufficiency through free access to information. 

Plan Contributors

This plan is enacted in consultation with the Board of Trustees and staff:

Board of Trustees:

Ms. Jennifer McAvoy President

Ms. Cathy Gwinn, Secretary

Ms. Emily Huntley, Treasurer

Ms. Susan McAvoy, Vice President


Ms. Julie Gomez, Technological Services Assistant

Ms. Kathy Paige, Patron Services Assistant

Ms. Deborah Chase-Lauther, Director


Hepburn Library of Madrid undertakes this Strategic and Long Range Planning process during a tumultuous time – The COVID19 (hereafter referred to as C19) pandemic as well as the departure of the previous director. This convergence of events will help to shape direction as we move forward from the pandemic, and also with a fresh vision for the future. As this is a living document, the tentative observations in this plan will be subject to revision following an in-depth community-wide assessment, scheduled for January-February 2021. The director will be the point person for information collection, interpretation, and dissemination.

Survey Methods and Summary of Results

Patrons and community members will be canvassed with two different surveys (attached), tailored to those who use and are familiar with Hepburn Library of Madrid, and those who do not. This survey will also be part of our active user drive, encouraging those who are not patrons to become members. Survey results will be posted on our website as an addendum to the Strategic and Long Range Plan. 


The Madrid Hepburn Library Board of Trustees, in tandem with staff, has developed the following long range plan to clarify our role in our community, as well as to accurately assess the needs of our demographic. This Strategic and Long Range Plan is a living document, and will be updated in 2021 as we undertake a Community Needs Analysis, to better assess how we can more actively partner with community members, and develop programming that better reflects our community needs.

With this Strategic and Long Range Plan, we will:

  1. Enhance usership, solidifying the library as a vibrant and integrated community hub of information.
  1. Conduct a two-pronged survey, amongst current patrons and non-patron community members, to obtain a precise view of:
    1. What we are doing well,
    2. What we need to improve upon,
    3. The community perception of a library, and how we can enhance this view;
    4.  What the community at large would like their library to offer.
  1. Develop a niche reputation as a location for unusual editions, rare books, and archival data through partnership with the Walker Historical Society to develop shared e-data banks.
  1. Strengthen and develop our collection to better serve our community.
  1. Continue to educate our community about our services and benefits.
  1. Developing new and strengthening existing community partnerships, with Board of Trustees approval and interaction.
  1. Specific events that work in tandem with non-partisan community groups and organizations; 
  2. Hosting events with the local historical society, Volunteer Fire Department, Madrid Rescue Squad
  3. Health outreaches in collaboration with health care providers, and community organizations (North Country Prenatal/Perinatal Council, St. Lawrence Health Initiative, etc.), for flu clinics, health fairs, and other events/project.
  1. Ensure that library acquisitions, technology, and staff are equipped to meet the challenges of perceived irrelevancy in a technological age, and/or the perception of “elitism.”
  1. Surveys will assist in determining to what extent libraries are seen as an ivory tower.
  2. Regular training and upgrading on technology already in place (printers, computer remote services, and activity-assisting devices such as Cricut). 

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