Adopted by the Hepburn Library of Madrid Board of Trustees, January, 2021 and reviewed February, 2024

Purpose of Policy:

The Hepburn Library of Madrid is committed to protecting the privacy of its patrons, staff, volunteers, donors, and other contacts.  Information that is collected will be used only for library business and will not be shared with non-library service related outside parties.   


The Hepburn Library of Madrid adheres to New York State Civil Practice Law § 4509:

§ 4509. Library records. Library records, which contain names or other personally identifying details regarding the users of public, free association, school, college and university libraries and library systems of this state, including but not limited to records related to the circulation of library materials, computer database searches, interlibrary loan transactions, reference queries, requests for photocopies of library materials, title reserve requests, or the use of audio-visual materials, films or records, shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed except that such records may be disclosed to the extent necessary for the proper operation of such library and shall be disclosed upon request or consent of the user or pursuant to subpoena, court order or where otherwise required by statute.

Information Collected:

This applies to all information collected or submitted to the Hepburn Library of Madrid in person or on the website.  On some web pages you can request material, register for programs and reserve a computer to use the Internet. The types of personal information collected are:



Email address

Phone number

Library card number

Date/year of birth 

Materials currently checked out

Overdue materials (until returned)

Fines paid or waived 

Requests (Holds) 

Reading History

State law (referenced above) requires that the Hepburn Library of Madrid delete a materials checkout record once the material is successfully returned to the library. Patrons may, however, exercise their right to retain their checkout history, if desired. Patrons can choose to retain their reading history by selecting “Opt In to Reading History,” in the Reading History tab of My Bookshelf on the NCLS Online Catalogue.

3rd Party Services

The Hepburn Library of Madrid, through NCLS, purchases access to services such as online databases and electronic books from third-party vendors for use by library patrons. These third-party vendors are reputable partners and may collect personal information in order to provide certain services to its users. The information you submit may be provided to those third parties so that they can assist us in providing certain services (such as the delivery of eBooks for use on Kindles, or via Kindle apps, through Amazon).   The Hepburn Library of Madrid encourages all patrons and staff to be aware of the privacy policy of any online service they choose to use, including those provided by the Hepburn Library of Madrid via NCLS through third-party vendors.

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