As approved by the Board of Trustees of Hepburn Library of Madrid, February 2024.

Hepburn Library of Madrid has a significant interest in maintaining an environment that allows patrons to freely access library information and resources. This significant interest requires the library to maintain policies that protect the privacy of its patrons and staff members and ensures their freedom from harassment, intimidation, and threats to their safety and well-being. 

In order to provide appropriate safeguards against such behavior and enforce policies and procedures addressing that behavior when it occurs, the library has adopted the following policy regarding the taking of photographs or videos inside the library building. 

I.              General Policy 

Permission is not required for taking photographs or videos in public areas of the library building for personal, noncommercial use if no tripods, lights, or other specialized equipment is used. However, there may be library locations and/or exhibition areas where the taking of photographs or videos is restricted or prohibited (i.e., restrooms, rooms reserved for nursing, child care areas, museum artifacts, and archival materials). Taking photographs or videos of, or in, areas reserved for staff use only is also prohibited. If tripods, lights, or other specialized equipment is to be used, requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Persons taking photographs and videos shall not (i) compromise a patron or staff member’s right to privacy, (ii) harass, intimidate, or threaten a patron or staff member, or (iii) block library aisles, walkways, stairwells, doors, or exits. 

Children may not be photographed or videotaped unless authorization is obtained from parents/guardians. Patrons using computers may not be videotaped in any fashion that compromises their screen privacy. 

II.              Exterior Photography and Videos 

Taking photographs and videos outside of the library building and/or of the library grounds does not require permission. However, the activity may not impede the ingress or egress of patrons or staff to or from the library building. 

III.            Commercial Photography and Videos 

The library may permit use of its facilities for the taking of commercial photographs or videos if the project does not interfere with the mission of the library and is in accordance with the rest of this policy. The library will charge a fee to offset costs incurred by the library to provide access to the facility and prior permission must be sought at least one week in advance. 

IV.           Photography and Videos of Materials and Resources 

The library permits the taking of photographs and videos of its publicly-available collections. However, patrons are solely responsible for obtaining consent or other permission when taking photographs or videos of copyrighted materials. 

V.            Library Photography, Videos, and Recording 

The library may take photos, videos, and audio recordings at the library and during library events to use in its publicity materials and on its website and social media sites. The library reserves the right to document its services and the public’s use of the library building and grounds. These photographs, videos, and audio recordings may be copied, displayed, televised, and published (including on any library web site or social media site). Any individual that does not wish the library to use a photograph or video of them or their child should inform a library staff member prior to or while such photographs or videos are being taken. 

VI.           Library Board Meetings 

Pursuant to Section 103(d) of New York State’s Open Meetings Law, any person may record the proceedings of the Library Board with the exception of Executive Sessions. The recordings may be made by tape, film or other means and shall not disrupt the meeting or create a safety hazard. 

VII.          Liability 

Persons involved in taking photographs or videos are solely liable for any injuries to persons or property that result from their activities on library property. They also have sole responsibility for obtaining all necessary releases and permissions required by law from persons who can be identified in any photograph or video or for copyrighted materials. The library undertakes no responsibility for obtaining these releases or permissions. 

VIII.         Right Subject to Compliance with Policy 

The library reserves the right to ask any individual or group violating this policy to cease the taking of photographs or videos.

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