As adopted and approved by the Hepburn Library Board of Trustees,
December, 2021, and reviewed February 2024.

It is the policy of the Hepburn Library of Madrid that all our employees are entitled to enjoy a work environment free of harassment.

This policy refers to, but is not limited to, harassment in the following areas: (1) race, (2) sex, (3) age, (4) national origin, (5) religion, (6) handicap, (7) marital status, (8) sexual orientation or gender identification, (9) veteran status, or 10) affiliation with any designated group or association. Harassment includes the display or circulation of written or electronic materials or pictures degrading to either gender, or to racial, ethnic, or religious groups; and verbal abuse or insults directed at or made in the presence of members of a racial, ethnic, or minority group. Bullying of any sort will not be tolerated.

Complaint Procedure

Individuals who believe they have been subjected to harassment from either a co-worker or a supervisor should make it clear to the offender that such behavior is offensive to them and unwelcome, and should immediately bring the matter to the attention of the Library Director, or Board President. An independent inquiry will be made into any and all allegations. All allegations of harassment will be immediately investigated. Employees should feel confident their complaint will be heard and acted upon.

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