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Hepburn Library of Madrid Board Meeting Minutes April 7, 2022

In Attendance:​ 

Jennifer McAvoy, Jennifer Coakley, Deborah Chase-Lauther, Emily Huntley, Bryan Huntley

Absent: ​ Allison Barkley, Susan McAvoy

Special guest:  

Call to Order:​ 

Meeting was called to order at 6:08 PM

Approval of Previous Minutes: 

Motion made by Emily Huntley; seconded by Jenn Coakley.  Approved.

Workshops and Communications:​  

Cricut classes are continuing for the librarians.  Once training is finished,classes will be offered to the public.

NCLS is offering 3 module Sirsi workshops for librarians.

Director’s Report:

No news received yet from NCLS regarding a quote for a new admin computer.

The board discussed and revised the community room usage policy to include a key/damage deposit in addition to the $25 donation for parties.  Motion made by Emily Huntley; seconded by Bryan Huntley.

Library Photography and Video Policy –   This policy serves to protect the privacy of any person using the Madrid Hepburn Library.  It specifically addresses the taking of photographs and videos inside the library building.  A full copy of this policy can be found on the library website.  Motion made by Emily Huntley to accept the Library Photography and Video Policy; seconded by Bryan Huntley.

Financial Report:​  

Emily Huntley read through the bills.  Motion to approve the bills made by Jenn Coakley; seconded by Bryan Huntley.  Approved.

Community Events: 

Book Club meeting for April 28th – Bettyville.

Discussion of the summer carnival and its activities (August 19th) has begun.

Committee Reports:

  1. Buildings and Grounds:
    • The lift is currently not working.  Deborah will continue efforts using the cut-off switch to reboot.
    • Watson recommends purchasing an emergency shelter-grade generator.
    • Two water spots/cracks have been detected on the upper walls of the library.  Deborah will contact Coots Masonry to see about an inspection of the roof.

Motion to adjourn made by Bryan Huntley, seconded by Emily Huntley.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:39 PM

Next Meeting:  

Next meeting is scheduled for Thurs, May 12th, 6pm.

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