Hepburn Library of Madrid Board Meeting Minutes March 11, 2021

In Attendance:

Jennifer McAvoy, Susan McAvoy, Emily Huntley, Deborah Chase-Lauther, Bryan Huntley, Jennifer Coakley



Special guest:


Call to Order:

5:57 PM

Approval of Previous Minutes:

Motion made by Emily Huntley; seconded by Jen McAvoy.  Approved.

Workshops and Communications:​ 

Deborah Chase-Lauther will create and update a COVID19 protocol folder as needed.

Preservation and archival training available through NEDCC- Northeast Document Conservation Center – Julie Gomez will coordinate the online course.  Motion made by Emily Huntley, seconded by Bryan Huntley    

Financial Report:

Motion to approve the bills as submitted was made by Bryan Huntley, seconded by Susan McAvoy.. Approved.  

Friends of the Library Report:


Committee Reports:

  1. Buildings and Grounds:
    • Wright’s to begin reworking the boiler in a few months.
    • One of the wires for the lift was found snapped.  Replacement will be installed.
    • One of the bookshelves in the back section of the library will need to be bracketed for safety measures (L-brackets purchased).
  2. Technology:  The library has received the new computer from NCLS.

The town attorney, Collin Loomis, determined that the library is not responsible for any snowmobiles that incur damage while parking on the backside of the property.

Vote to participate in “Priority Hold”.  Motion made by Bryan Huntley, seconded by Jen McAvoy.

Vote held to NOT join NYLA (New York Library Association).  Motion made by Bryan Huntley, seconded by Jen McAvoy.  Nay to join.

Looking towards National Ag Day/Week and possible donations of soil for crafts with kids.

Motion to adjourn made by Emily Huntley, seconded by Bryan Huntley.


6:53 PM

Next Meeting:

 April 8, 2021

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