Hepburn Library of Madrid Board Meeting Minutes June 10, 2021

In Attendance:

Jennifer McAvoy, Susan McAvoy, Emily Huntley, Bryan Huntley, Jennifer Coakley, Deborah Chase-Lauther


Special guest:

Julie Gomez

Call to Order:

5:59 PM

Approval of Previous Minutes:

Motion made by Bryan Huntley; seconded by Susan McAvoy.  Approved.

Workshops and Communications:​ 

NYS Construction Aid 2021/2022 –  The trustees continue to focus on the Community Room as the main focus for a remodel.  Researching contractors for the following:

Electrical work

Plumbing (including ANSUL fire suppression system)


August 20, 2021 is Carnival Day.  Programs and activities to be discussed.

Financial Report:​ 

Motion to approve the bills as submitted was made by Jennifer Coakley, seconded by Bryan Huntley. Approved. 

Friends of the Library Report: ​

The group has decided to disband.  Members have cited other pressing commitments.

Committee Reports:

  1. Buildings and Grounds:
    • Wright’s Choice has completed the boiler work.  The water heater is slated to be  completed by the end of June 2021.
    • The lift continues to experience problems.  The library is continuing to keep a record of malfunctions.
    • Looking for a mason to repair the front steps.
  2. Technology:  
    • Julie Gomez gave a brief presentation regarding ADA compliance and the library’s website.  Jennifer Coakley will, in the future, use an ADA compliant format to record the library meeting minutes.

Motion to adjourn made by Emily Huntley, seconded by Bryan Huntley.Adjournment:​ 7:12 PM
Next Meeting:  July 8, 2021

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