Hepburn Library of Madrid Board Meeting Minutes December 10, 2020

In Attendance:

Jennifer McAvoy, Susan McAvoy, Cathy Gwinn, Emily Huntley, Deborah Chase-Lauther

Call to Order:


Approval of Previous Minutes:

Motion made by Emily Huntley; seconded by Susan McAvoy. Approved.

Workshops and Communications:

Library Compliance was addressed.  Bylaws were reviewed and approved as well as online policies.   New policies were added for Board revision and approval.  

Director’s Report:

Submitted to Board members via email. Items of note include:

1. Paul Snodgrass of Community Bank was contacted concerning the investment account.  He provided tax records from 2019 which were needed by Amy Moulton to complete our income tax forms for 501(c).  He also provided a sheet to update members who have authority to access this investment account.  Trustees all signed.

2.  Across the Fence continues on December 17 at 6:00 PM with Josh Barkley playing Songs of the Season along with some readings from staff.

3.  Book bundles for children will continue through the end of December with age appropriate books being distributed to community children.

4. Sexual and workplace harassment training videos have been provided;  they should be viewed and signed off by December 31, 2020/

Financial Report:

Motion to approve the bills as submitted was made by Cathy Gwinn; seconded by Jennifer McAvoy. Approved.  A motion was made by Emily Huntley  to remove Laurel Murphy and add Deborah Chase Lauther to hold a card from our Community Bank account.  Seconded by Jennifer McAvoy.  Approved. 

Friends of the Library Report: 

None. A Zoom meeting will be held on December 11.

Committee Reports:

  • Grant: State Education grant money of $14749 for new furnace and on demand hot water heater has been received and deposited.  Jennifer McAvoy will address needed revisions for the next grant application with NCLS.
  • Buildings and Grounds: CNY Elevator Inspectors, Syracuse NY, will conduct an inspection in mid December or early January.  Coots Masonry will be on site on December 11.
  • Technology: New laptop is still on backorder.
  • Policies and bylaws:
    • Community letter and strategic plan are ready to be uploaded.

Old Business:

Taxes for the 501(c) have been completed and filed

New Business: 

  1. Board vacancies: Question was raised about minimum number of trustees as well as appropriateness of some community members/patrons  as trustees.  Cathay Gwinn will address concerns with Matt Corey of NCLS.


7:05 PM

Next Meeting:

January 14, 2021

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