Hepburn Library of Madrid Board Meeting Minutes August 11, 2021

In Attendance:​ 

Jennifer McAvoy, Susan McAvoy, Emily Huntley, Bryan Huntley, Jennifer Coakley, Deborah Chase-Lauther

Absent: ​

Special guest:  

Call to Order:​ 

Meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM

Approval of Previous Minutes: 

Motion made by Emily Huntley; seconded by Bryan Huntley.  Approved.

Workshops and Communications:​  

Cysersecurity Awareness Training course – Deborah Chase-Lauther and Julie Gomez will attend.

NYS Construction Aid 2021/2022 –  Paperwork has been signed by the appropriate board members including the State Aid for Library Construction Program, et al.  Motion to approve the assurances for the grant made by Bryan Huntley; seconded by Susan McAvoy.  Approved.

NCLS has distributed a revised billing estimate for 2022.

Julie Gomez has given October 1, 2021 as the date that the library’s restructured website will be ready to go live.

Deborah Chase Lauther has been called to jury duty beginning August 17th.  Motion to approve her salary while she participates in this service made by Emily Huntley; seconded by Bryan Huntley.  Approved.

Plans for the end-of-summer party are being finalized.  Volunteers are needed.  Bryan Huntley will look into this.

Regarding COVID procedures, the library will continue to follow disinfecting procedures.

Financial Report:​  

Motion to approve the bills as submitted was made by Susan, seconded by Jenn Coakley.  Approved.  

Amy Moulton (Madrid Town Office), has requested that debit and/or other library invoices be submitted to her by the last day of the month for timely processing.

Community Room:  

Committee Reports:

  1. Buildings and Grounds:
    • Liberty Utilities will retrieve the old boiler.
    • The lift continues to work properly.
    • It has been deemed by NCLS, working with Deborah Chase Lauther, that we cannot geomap the WiFi  Weakening the signal will affect various sections of the library that require access.

Motion to adjourn made by Emily Huntley, seconded by Bryan Huntley.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:42 PM

Next Meeting:  

Next meeting is scheduled for Sept 2nd, 2021.

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