Hepburn Library of Madrid Board Meeting Minutes – September 14, 2023

In Attendance: Jennifer McAvoy, Emily Huntley, Allison Barkley, Susan McAvoy, Deborah Chase-Lauther, Jennifer Coakley
Special Guest: 

Call to Order:  Meeting was called to order at 6:07 PM

Open Comment/ Question:

Approval of Previous Minutes: Motion made by Susan McAvoy; seconded by Allison Barkley.  Approved.

Workshops and Communications:

  • The lift continues to work properly.   
  • Kids on the Block (Jim Williams) has agreed to headline the Christmas party on Saturday, December 9.  Motion made by Emily Huntley for a $100 donation to be made to the Cerebral Palsy Association of the North Country.  Seconded by Jennifer Coakley.
  • NCLS News:  OverDrive budget – System collected votes tallied for 2024 will be 9%.  Library will estimate new cost based on that percentage.

Director’s Report :(Deborah Chase-Lauther)

Books from the Community Room successfully weeded.

The Spice Library is projected to launch at the end of September.  Spices will be purchased locally from Martin’s.

As mentioned in previous minutes, two patron computers will be eliminated from use.  Deborah has had requests to transfer them for private use.  (Computers will need to be wiped.)  Motion was made by Allison Barkley to also inquire with local entities (i.e. churches, etc.) to see if they might be of use.  Seconded by Emily Huntley.

Financial Report (Emily Huntley):  Motion to accept the bills as read made by Allison Barkley, seconded by Susan McAvoy.  Approved.

Motion made by Emily Huntley to move approximately $20,000 from money market account to checking account.  Seconded by Allison Barkley.  Approved.

Emily drew up a proposed 2023-2024 budget, which was then discussed and passed around for members to view individually.  Motion made by Susan McAvoy to approve the proposed budget.  Seconded by Allison Barkley.  Approved.


  • Grants:
    • Grant 1- CCTV/Fire alarm/Generator –
      • Final invoice received from Watson Electric.  Work has begun to close the grant.
    • Grant 2 – Kitchen & Community Room Flooring –
      • The sealing coat has begun peeling off the stairs and ramp.  Robla’s will resurface and also repair the gaps between the floorboards and flooring.    
    • Grant for 2024-2027
      • Proposed – Fixing the outdoor steps:
        • Even off and fill broken pieces, then refinish the stairs with a non-slip sealant.
  • Buildings and Grounds
    • A new printer is required for patron access.  Julie investigated cost of a service call versus new printer that is compatible with Windows 11.  Proposed replacement is Brother HL-L2370DWXL at a cost of $259.99.

Community Events

  • Sept 4 – Labor Day – Library Closed!
  • Sept 20, 6pm – Bonjour!  Beginner French.  All welcome!
  • Sept 21, 7pm – Book Club, The Lives of Diamond Bessie by Jody Hadlock
  • Every Monday, 6pm – Bill Snakespear’s Library Training

Old Business

  1. Josh Barkley has agreed to act as mixmaster/emcee for the Halloween Dance/Party on October 21, 5-7pm.

New Business

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn made by Allison Barkley; seconded by Emily Huntley. Adjourned at 7:04 PM

Next Meeting : October 12, 6PM

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