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Hepburn Library of Madrid Board Meeting Minutes – September 1, 2022

In Attendance: 

Jennifer McAvoy, Susan McAvoy, Deborah Chase-Lauther, Jennifer Coakley, Allison Barkley


Special Guest: 

Call to Order:  

Meeting was called to order at 6:10 PM

Open Comment/ Question:

Approval of Previous Minutes: 

Motion made by Emily Huntley; seconded by Allison Barkley.  Approved.

Workshops and Communications: 

  1. New office computer is expected the week of September 5th. 

Director’s Report :(Deborah Chase-Lauther) 

      Adobe Acrobat license acquired through end of Dec 2026.  Will greatly improve the look of the website.

Financial Report (Emily Huntley): 

Motion to approve the bills as read made by Jenn Coakley; seconded by Allison Barkley.  Approved.

2023 Budget:  

Emily will be requesting a 12% raise for employees and a 5% increase for contractual expenses.
Motion made to approve these increases by Allison Barkley; seconded by Susan McAvoy.


  1. Grants:
    1. Grant 1 -CCTV/Fire alarm/Generator Update –
      1. Lowes will need to place order for the Generac.  Motion to approve Watson’s bid to install the generator made by Emily Huntley; seconded by Allison Barkley.  Approved.
      2. Still awaiting $514 refund from Johnson Controls from the fire alarm system installation.
    2. Grant 2 – Kitchen – No updates on funding.  Health inspection complete and certification has been installed.
    3. Walmart VAP and Community Grants Program (2022-2023) – registration has begun.  Grant suggestion include winter comfort and care kits for children and adults, first aid kits, simple snacks, books, etc.
  2. Buildings and Grounds
    1. Lift – Lift not working again at the time of the board meeting.  Will need to be addressed as this is a continuing problem and the library is in violation of New York State law (Americans with Disabilities Act).
    2. Leo continues to make repairs to the stairs.
  3. Community Events
    1. Book Club – Meeting September 22nd at 7pm, One for the Blackbird, One for the Crow by Olivia Hawker.
    2. September 15-30 – Silent Auction for “State of Terror” book, autographed by authors Louise Penny and Hillary Rodham Clinton (fundraiser for HLM) and outreach programs.
    3. September 29th, 6pm – Across the Fence, with local writer Marc Deon.  Writer’s Workshop.  All welcome.
    4. End of Summer Party (August 19th) – numbers down from last year.  Attributed to family vacations, other community events, etc,

Old Business

  1. 2023 budget proposals
  2. Winter snow removal – Board discussed relying on a combination of librarians, caretaker, etc.  Jenn also offered help, along with her 2 sons when they aren’t attending school.

New Business

  1. October Board meeting date
  2. Trunk or Treat – Sat, October 29th with 2 sessions (4-5:30 for littles and 5:30-7 for older kids and adults)


Motion to adjourn made by Emily Huntley; seconded by Allison Barkley. Adjourned at 6:44 PM

Next Meeting: 

October 13, 6PM

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