Hepburn Library of Madrid

Director’s Report – December, 2021

Presented at the January 5, 2022 Board Meeting


Black and white copies:                             $0.06                          Petty Cash:  $40.75

Color Copies:                                               $71.05

Faxes:                                                               $1.00

Community Room:                                 $135.00

Donations:                                                 $100.55

HLM Book Sale:                                            $0

Total Deposit:                       $308.20

Bank card usage                                       ($25.00)        Prize for Fall Reading Program

Buildings, Grounds, & Equipment:

Lift:                                        The lift continues to require more manipulation than should be necessary.

Building Inspection:       Leo and Bill Barkley will work in tandem to identify and label breakers.

Computers:                        Our computers will be updated beginning, with the oldest in the Admin office.


               2021      Kitchen        No updates

               2020      CCTV, etc    Still awaiting 7 quotes and 1 updated 2020 quote.     

               2019      Boiler            Still awaiting final $1600 payment.

FSD/SAM Entity Update:              It has taken time and perseverance to update the Entity Administrator, and hence renew our registration.                 

Process Improvement:

Welcome, Allison Barkley!          Handbook for Library Trustees, 2018, Oath of Office Confidentiality Disclaimer

Executive Session Requested:  

Sexual Harassment Training:      Required for 2022. Proposed: Same format as last year.

Board Training 2 hours in 2022: Topics to be suggested.                               

Annual Report:                                 To be finalized by February 15                                   

Community Report:                        To be uploaded and finalized by January 31.        

COVID:                                                 No changes: masks required, social distancing, curbside


Snowman Reading Program:      Underway with 7 participants                    

Story Time with Mrs. Paige:        Every Friday at 11:00 am                              

Archiving and Preservation:        Wrapping up in January; developing steps to conserve our files of letters, Agendas, from decades past.

Cricut Community Training:        To commence when A&P finishes.           

Summer Reading Program:         Planning to begin January.                          

MDMS Parking Lot Event:            Great success!                                  

Snowflake and Cookie event:     Due to change in plans, lower attendance.

NCLS News:

Compliance Toolkit, Bylaws and Circ Policy Completed.




Young Adult Visits:                                        4

Adult visits:                                                    96

Child visits:                                                     24

Total Visits:                                                 124

Reference:                                                        0

Computer use:                                                2

One-on-one:                                                    2

Cricut:                                                                 0

Curbside:                                                           9

Community Room:            Adults:     Children:

                                                           98                 100

Programming:                     Adults:     Children:

Storty time                                                               5

Book Club                                          6                       

Preservation 101                            3                       

MDMS Parade                              50                   76

Snowflake Cookie                          3                   18

Social Media:


listing of facebook ranking of surrounding libraries

Top Posts:

ledgend for the top posts
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12/13/2021 Across the Fence, pur Community Partners will feature special live. Reach 419. Post clicks 3. 16 reactions.
12/02/21 Congratulations to all of our winners! Reach 350. Post Clicks 20. Reactions 21
12/19/21 Santa Spotted at HLM Parking Lot... Reach 247. Post Clicks 73.  Reactions 18


Instagram - 415 posts, 270 followers. 366 following.

Thank you!

To Scotch Presbyterian Church, for the generous donation of $100.00.     

To MDMS, MVFD, MVRS for an excellent holiday parking lot party on December 19th.

To our Volunteer of the Month, Jeff Hinkle, for his shelf reading work.    

To Bill Barkley, for ensuring our parking lot was ready for the holiday party.