Hepburn Library of Madrid

Director’s Report – February, 2022

Presented at March 10, 2022 Board Meeting


Black and white copies:                             $2.70                          Petty Cash:  $25.80 balance

Color Copies:                                                 $0.00                          ($15.00 disbursed for snow removal, Feb 18)      

Faxes:                                                               $4.80

Community Room:                                    $95.00

Donations:                                                      $1.10

HLM Book Sale:                                            $2.00

Total Deposit:                       $105.60

Bank card usage                                       ($49.45)        Valentine’s Day, Winter Reading Program

Buildings, Grounds, & Equipment:

Lift:                                        The lift worked well mid-late February.

Computers:                        We have no news on quote request made with NCLS for admin office computer.

Snow removal:                 Kyle Murphy has been doing a very good job of shoveling.



               2021      Kitchen        No updates

           2020       CCTV, etc    NCC has sent invoice for half of job(s). Amount includes 7 cameras; invoice                     says 5.

               2019      Boiler            Final grant payment of $1693 received and deposited. Grant closed out.

NOTE: Dawn Vincent is away until July 27.  Matt Corey has been contacted regarding the issue with the generator. He has advised to look for a small generator within the $12,000 quote, or to refile the grant application and accept a possible return of some grant monies.

Process Improvement:

Sexual Harassment Training:      Required for 2022. Please complete videos and return sign off sheet.

COVID:                                                 Mask mandate lifted.

Shelf Spacing:                                    12 shelves have been reclaimed to make space for new books.

Preservation Plan:                           Suggested policy attached.

Staff Training:                                   Cricut classes begun, first for staff, then will be offered to the public.       

NCLS News:

e-audio books: 1
e-books: 62


Type of Interaction0-5 yrs Syn0-5 yrs Asyn6-11 yrs Syn6-11 yrs AsynYoung Adult SynYoung Adult AsynAdult
Adult AsynTotal
In-house Visits:8  8  2  77 95 
Curbside         6 6 
Computer         4 4 
One-on-One         1 1 
Community Room:12  14     66 92 
   Story Time:36  2    238 
   Snowman Reading Program:2  2     1 5 
   Mystery Date with a Book:         7 7 
    Book Club:         6 6 
TOTAL:256 242 2  1703224 



Facebook Cover pic: March at Hepburn Library of Madrid. Board meetin, March 10, 6pm; St. Patrick's Day event, March 17, 12-2pm; Book Club March 24, 7pm, Girl waits with a Gun; Story Time every Friday at 11:00am on Facebook and in library.



Social Media

On Facebook of the Hepburn Libraries, Madrid ranks second after Lisbon, in total page likes. HLM ranked #1 for engagement this month.

Top Posts:

ledgend for the top posts
Reading Program: Take a chance on love with a blind book date. Reach 676; post clicks 19; reactions 30
Our Build Your Snowman winter reading program is over.... reached 249; clicks 16; comments 33.
One advantage of having your librarians live close by: we are OPEN. reach 236; clicks 6; reactions 13
What do you think, bibliophiles? Reach 206, clicks 8, reactions 7.

The four most popular posts reached a total of 1367 viewers, with programming posts performing most highly.

Google business profile shows 66 interactions in February, 10 calls, 35 requests for directions, 21 website visits from profile, 185 profile views, and 53 searches.