Hepburn Library of Madrid

Director’s Report – January, 2022

Presented at the February 10, 2022 Board Meeting


Black and white copies:                             $0.75                          Petty Cash:  $40.75

Color Copies:                                                 $0.00

Faxes:                                                               $2.50

Community Room:                                 $100.00

Donations:                                                   $20.50

HLM Book Sale:                                          $18.00

Total Deposit:                       $141.75

Bank card usage                                       ($11.60)        Stamps

Buildings, Grounds, & Equipment:

Lift:                                        The lift continues to work sporadically.

Computers:                        A quote request has been made with NCLS for admin office computer. A laptop with docking station has been recommended.

Snow removal:                 An ad has been posted on Facebook and our website. Thank you to Susan McAvoy for serious help during the great storm of 2022. We will manage for the rest of the season, but start searching for a snow person in early fall.

Boiler Inspection:            Completed February 1 by insurance carrier HSB; all in good order.



               2021      Kitchen        No updates

               2020      CCTV, etc    Quotes          

               2019      Boiler            Dawn is aware we are awaiting the last payment; DLD is late with 4th qtr.

Process Improvement:

Welcome, Allison Barkley!          Handbook for Library Trustees, 2018, plus confidentiality sign-offs.

Sexual Harassment Training:      Required for 2022. Please complete videos and return sign off sheet.

Annual Report:                                 To be finalized by February 22 (hard copy for review).

Community Report:                        Uploaded and finalized January 31. 

COVID:                                                 Masks recommended, curbside option.

Shelf Reading:                                   Thanks to our new volunteer, Jeff Hinkle, we benefitted from 43 hours of shelf reading. All children and adult books have been shelf read.  

Preservation Plan:                           Creating a policy and schedule for Preservation Project. To be presented in March, 2022.

NCLS News:

Annual Report: Due 8:00 am, February 22
e-audio books: 1 checkout
e-books: 62 checkouts
NCLS has made the directors of libraries the “owners” of the library email address. All madlib now goes to dlauther@ncls.org. We are still learning what this means for future directors, current staff access, and keeping our madlib address as our “official” address.

 0-5 yrs Syn0-5 yrs Asyn6-11 yrs Syn6-11 yrs AsynYA SynYA AsynAdult SynAdult AsynTOTALS:
Visits6 3 2 80 91
Curbside      12 12
Computer      3 3
One on One         
Reference      2 2
Community Room      96 96
January Programming         
Story time05     38
Book Club      0 0
Preservation      0 0
Snowman Reading Program 2 2  1 7

Snowman Reading Program 290 books read!


Love is in the air... List of the upcoming events.

Our February programming includes crafts and stories on the 14th, a Blind Date with a Book giveaway, our book club on February 24 at 7pm, Story Time every Friday at 11:00 am, and Black History month news on Facebook.

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Of the Hepburn Libraries, Madrid ranks second after Lisbon, in total page likes. HLM ranked #1 for engagement this month.)

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1/20/22 Know of Someone looking for a part time opportunity clearing our sidewalks. Reach 383. Clicks 2. Reactions 11.
01/27/2022 Book club meeting was canceled reach 263. Post clicks 6. Post reactions 6


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